My top 5 places to shop for affordable art supplies

My top 5 places to shop for affordable art supplies
In my opinion art supplies don't have to be expensive! Sure, you totally get what you pay for... but there are things you don't need to spend an absolute fortune on, especially if you are just starting out.
Here are my go-to places to buy my art supplies!

Abstract painting on paper with assorted art supplies

Art 2 Art

I am super lucky that I live in Adelaide and have access to this amazing store that is in walking distance so it makes for a super fun excuse to go for a walk!  The product range is huge and they have a great selection of affordable products, but then work their way up to the top of the line materials too. If you don't live in Adelaide you can shop online, they even offer free shipping over $100 within Australia. BOOM!

Watercolour painting of eye with paints

Riot Art & Craft

 I was so disappointed when these stores started closing in Adelaide but luckily they still have an online store!

I love that they regularly have sales and offers so I always keep an eye out for products that I like to keep in stock at all times and then I stock up when they are on sale. I'm thrifty like that!


Watercolour painting of woman with blue hair and paints on table




This store is dangerous for seriously! I go in with no intention of buying a thing and come out with some beautiful diary or calendar that I really didn't need.
BUT... on the plus side, they have such an amazing range of art supplies. They are definitely on the cheaper end, but for supplies like stencils, charcoals, pastels, I find them to be really great.
On my last visit I stocked up on their Kaisercraft paint tubes which were on special for 30% off. They are great for experimenting with techniques and playing around. If you are ready to get serious with your art you can always up your paint game with higher quality paints from either of my other recommendations above. 
But don't say I didn't warn you about coming out with something you really didn't need. The beautiful shiny things will get you!

Watercolour painting of Marianne and Connell from tv show Normal People



Bunnings? you say!?
Yep! Want affordable paints... sample pots baby!
I have a HUGE collection of sample pots from Bunnings and love using them to layer my abstract paintings. 
Depending on the brand and colour, some paints might be a little transparent so you'll need to layer them. But overall I have always found the quality to be great and do the job for me!
If I am wanting to paint a portrait on canvas I would probably opt more for a higher quality paint from an actual art store, something that you won't need to paint as many layers with.
Hot Tip! Bunnings often have trolleys with marked down paints. Usually sample pots that customers have changed their mind on, or were mixed wrong. I've picked up a heap of super cheap paints this way, and in colours that I might not have thought of to try! It's like Christmas when you get home and test them out.
Watercolour painting of woman with yellow hair


This is a new one for me.
Recently I was shopping around for a set of high quality watercolour paints, but that wouldn't break the bank. And I found them on Amazon!
It was a Windsor & Newton set, and being that I knew it was brand I've tried, tested and love, I was ecstatic to find them at a great price. I received them within the week!
I've since searched for other tools and materials on Amazon and have found they have a really great range and great specials too.
I hope that these recommendations are helpful and allow you to build your art materials up, and in turn experiment and create more art!
If you have any questions or would like to know more, feel free to comment below
Cassie xx
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