How to fill a giant blank wall? | My top 3 ways to decorate large blank walls in your home

How to fill a giant blank wall? | My top 3 ways to decorate large blank walls in your home
There’s nothing that makes a home more cold and uninviting than an empty blank wall! And knowing how to fill the space and style it can be super overwhelming. But I’m here to help with my top 3 ideas on how to fill an empty blank wall in your home!

1. Create a gallery wall

Gallery walls are such a fun way to bring a wide variety of photos, artwork or even decor pieces together. The possibilities are really endless and the great thing is you can customise it to make it very personal, adding unique touches that represent you and your home.

Lydia curates and sells gallery walls using a mix of vintage, modern, thrifted and handcrafted items. Get inspo from her Instagram @thevintagegallerygirl

You can use photos to create a wall of family photos or create your very own art gallery with pieces that spark joy or inspire you. Choose from a smaller selection of large frames or scatter a large number of small frames to fill the space.

Natalie created a retro inspired gallery wall in her home with a mixture of bold and fun art prints | Get more inspo from her insta feed @livingatno2with3

It doesn’t even have to be frames; accessories such as hats, fans, ornaments or any other decor pieces can also be used. For me, a gallery wall is all about bringing together all of the pieces that make you you!

2. Large statement painting on canvas

While this option may not suit everyone if it’s not within your budget, a large statement painting is a great way to fill a blank wall and makes for the perfect conversation starter.
If your space is feeling a little dull and lifeless then finding a bold and colourful abstract or portrait is the perfect way to add a pop of colour and really brighten up the space.

'Before you go' Original painting | Shop here
When you purchase an original artwork from an artist, just knowing you are buying a one of a kind piece is something truly special. To have that piece in your home and knowing that there is no other that exists, just gives you that warm fuzzy feeling every time you are in the room.

If you are looking for a clutter free, not too busy way to fill a blank wall, using a large original painting is the perfect solution for you!

3. Floating shelves

Floating shelves are a great way to fill an empty wall in any room in your home and can really incorporate a mixture of decor pieces. Depending on how large your wall is will determine the number of shelves you can fit.
Create a smaller statement by using 2-3 shelves in the middle of the wall or above a couch or bed, or fill an entire wall by having shelves from the floor to ceiling.

Gorgeous floating shelves featuring a mix of books, plants and decor pieces, created by cabinet maker @calebnakiarogers 

Use inspiration from your gallery wall research and incorporate those ideas into a collection of frames that sit on floating shelves. For a more formal look position the frames in straight lines or for a more relaxed feel, position the frames so that the heights are scattered.

Using decor pieces such as pots, books and plants is also a really fun way to add interest and personality to the shelves. You could even have an entire wall filled with plants! How fun!

The perfect mix of all things fun and pastel! Another dreamy floating shelf creation by @aubryeliz 

The possibilities are endless and so much joy can come from sourcing the special pieces that you choose to place on your shelves. It doesn’t have to be perfect, it can be a constant work in progress. When you come across new pieces that spark joy, add them to shelves and play around with the positioning until you find layouts that you love!
If this blog gives you motivation or inspiration to fill a blank wall I’d love to see what you come up with!

Feel free to send me photos or simply comment below
Happy space filling!
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