How to create an 'Under the Sea' themed kids bedroom or nursery

How to create an 'Under the Sea' themed kids bedroom or nursery

The 'Under the Sea' theme is a timeless classic when it comes to beautiful ways to style your child's bedroom or nursery.

Here are 5 simple and adorable ways to turn your little one's space into an undersea wonderland.

Ocean Colours

Choose colours that recreate the colours of the ocean by using shades of blues and greens for the walls, furniture, decor and bedding. Make a bold statement by using royal blue and bright shades or keep it calm by pairing pastel shades with neutrals like white and cream.

Nautical Inspired Decor

Keep an eye out at home decor stores or even op shops for decor pieces with a nautical theme. Items such as seashells, anchors, and sailboats can be used as decor accents on shelves, walls, and bedding.

Themed Bedding

Layer ocean creature quilt covers and cushions with blue or green coloured bed sheets to really bring your Under the Sea bedroom to life. Keep an eye out for sea creature motifs like dolphins, turtles, or tropical fish and pair them with your child's favourite ocean animal soft toys. 

Ocean Inspired Bookshelf

Start collecting books that tell stories of adventures under the sea and that fit your theme. Op shops are a great way to save and build a collection at a low cost. Incorporate floating bookshelves shaped like waves or boats to showcase your collection and really tie it all together. You can even add some of your nautical decor pieces!

Underwater Wall Art or Murals

Your wall art really is the focal point of the bedroom and will pull together your 'Under the Sea' theme. Opt for a set of 3 framed wall art prints to create a statement on the main wall, or 1 larger framed print featuring either ocean scenes or your child's favourite friendly sea creatures. 

Explore my Under the Sea Wall Art Collection for hand-drawn ocean inspired wall art prints, in a dreamy watercolor style.

I hope this inspires you to take the plunge into the ocean and start designing the room of your little one's dreams

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