Feeling burnt out in your business? Or even just in life?

Feeling burnt out in your business? Or even just in life?
Ok… let’s have some Real Talk 🧡
Lately I’ve been feeling really lost when it comes to my Art and my business, and if I’m really honest with myself I’ve probably battled with these feeling since before my son (who is now 2) was even born.
I’ve talked about it before but turning your hobby into a business is really hard. On one hand you are able to do what you love everyday, on the other hand you find yourself getting so lost in the marketing, strategy, custom orders, and everything else… that you no longer have time for your hobby, or if you do have time, you don’t even feel like it anymore?
I’ve been selling my paintings for over 15 years and running my business for around 7 (omg that’s crazy) and somewhere along the way I lost my way…and more than once I might add!
The past few years since becoming a Mum, I’ve been hard at work growing my Ecommerce skills by taking courses and enrolling in programs. I’ve constantly strived to create systems that allow me to cram more into every day. I’ve created schedules for my email sending, social media posting, website admin, and anything else I can fit in. I’ve set goals every year that almost always make me feel like I’m failing.
And I’m going to admit something here…
I’m really tired.
As a perfectionist I’ve tried to stick to these regimented schedules and hit goals that in the big scheme of life, don’t actually need to be hit.
My art has always been a way to bring happiness and joy into my life and to those who I can share it with.
I want to experience more of that joy, and I still very much want to share it with you!
I’ve been lucky enough recently that the skills I’ve been developing over the last few years in ecommerce, and the design and art skills that I feel have always come naturally to me, have lead me to a beautiful friend who I’ve been doing regular design and marketing work for. It’s been an exciting opportunity and something new for me to dip my toes into.
A huge struggle for me has always been dealing with change. My business has ebbed and flowed for years and sometimes I’m so motivated and can smash out a new print collection, other times I can’t even write a social post because my heart isn’t in it. And I beat myself up when I can’t stay consistent. Lately I’ve been so scared because I feel like I have to make some big decision about whether I stick with my business or call it quits. I’m scared to announce a new product range or collection for fear of not being able to follow through…
So here I am putting it all out there to you. Not because I feel I have to, but because I think my posts have been lacking in honesty and “real talk” lately.
This year I want to create. It’s what I love to do and I need to realise that that can come in many forms and there is no one path for me to stay on.
If I announce a new product and it takes me a year to get it done, or if I give up, that’s ok.
If I don’t post for a week, or two, or three, that’s also ok.
If I don’t have a clear plan for how my business is going, that’s ok.
If my art is all over the place because one day I feel like painting a portrait but the next it’s a flower, that’s ok. Some days I might paint for me and other days I’ll create something that I want to turn into a product to sell.
I’m giving myself permission to create when I want, what I want and to be ok with not having a clear plan, but to just enjoy my art and the joy it brings to you too!
If you’ve made it this far you might be thinking, “what the hell was she even saying in this post” 
 Maybe it’ll resonate with you, if your a business owner you’ll most likely get it 100%
I’m grateful that you are here and whatever this journey is, I’m glad you are along for the ride xx
Have you ever experienced burnout in your business? I'd love to hear from you in the comments below about how you overcome this
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